Who is epic slav?

My name is Joanna, and at the moment I live in Poland. I have returned to my old childhood apartment and started a revolution. Not the one with fire, guns and blood, but rather with my mind, some brushes, paint, extremely low budget and a lot of elbow grease. I am trying to do my best in this small place to make it a nice nest for myself and my Mom. You can follow my efforts, struggles and successes. You will also have a chance to witness my frustrations and errors!


A little bit more about me and the place:

– It is in one of the mass produced blocks of flats for workers, built in the early ’70s from large concrete slabs. The rooms are small, the walls cracked from the mining activities.

– I am not a pro – I love to express myself with color, fabrics, furniture and images. I am a photographer, visioner, disigner… but all in a very non professional way. By day I am an educator, translator and Judaica specialist.

– All the works are done on extremely limited budget. We are talking tens of dollars, not thousands!

– The place had very limited renovations over the past 30+ years. Mostly touch ups and cover ups. My father was not a handy man and I am discovering proofs for that all the time ;-)


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