The dresser is all done :)

I had a chance to buy door pulls the other day, so I could finally finish with the dresser. I must say they had very limited offer, but I hope the ones I found are ok. So, without farther ado, I give you the all new rast:

and just for a reminder, the original rast:



Rast chest

I am pretty sure that if there were some surveys done, IKEA’s rast chest would have won for being the most beloved by DIYers. As I am joining the ranks of rast-modifiers, I have been searching for inspiration. Below are the finds I loved the most:


I am not a big fan of that particular fabric, but I think it’s not too bad.

I love the simplicity, clear and sharp edges. Great stuff!

from IKEA hackers

This is of course a very different idea, as it’s a desk and not a bedside table… but I add it here anyway. I love the industrial slate grey, the general feel of it.

This is gorgeous. The simplicity of it makes it a pure perfection.

And for now my rast looks like that:


The (mis-)adventures with the office table.

This was the office table after it was painted red from the original white:

To be honest, from the beginning I didn’t like the result all that much. There was just too much of this sharp red, and the whole room looked cheap and screaming because of it. But I was tired and didn’t feel like starting everything again…

I guess it’s good then that the paint was really bad, it didn’t want to attach properly to the surface (even after a lot of sanding) and was peeling the minute I put the table up. You can see what it looked liked now, after a few weeks of use:

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint it again, and was a bit scared of even trying. The only other solution was to cover it up. Even though I just finished (or maybe because of it?) covering closet doors with fabric, I thought to do the same with the table. Other ideas I had were laminate stickers (pricey), thin carpeting, oilcloth… But I think the fabric wins. I hope the maintenance issues won’t be too bad.

Well, below is the result. The shelf is only for fitting/planning purposes, it’s still in plastic. I want to stain it dark. I am really looking forward to my computer arriving, this huge screen takes half the space!

I think the result is great, and adds some nice elegance to the room. Another example of usefulness of mistakes/mishaps!

Finally: the bed.

I’ve been dreaming about a real iron bed for a while… sometimes I took breaks from this dream, but it always came back. Now – it’s here :) It hardly leaves any space in the room, but it’s ok, it’s worth it. I was afraid of choosing this size, but now I am glad I did take queen size. Let’s see:

Right after I put it together with the help of my Mom. Oh, the JOY! and more rejoicing :)

And now to some better looking photos ;-)

The lamp will be different, I just don’t have anything else at the moment. The bedside table is an old cabinet, which was part of pre-war sewing machine. My great-grand mother saved it from the war… I have very few items of that kind, so it is very precious to me. You can see it better here:

The rolling cover works perfectly well, I love the sound of it when it rolls down!

I need to take a few more photos that would show the whole bed. The room is so small that it’s not an easy task!

I also placed an old bookshelf next to the wardrobe. It’s not perfect, but I think it will be nice. I wanted to have a dedicated vanity table, even if small, but there is no way it would work. So I will do something different: a standing make up station :) I will get good lighting, nice boxes and containers and I think it will be perfect!

Here are the very beginnings of this idea:

The bookshelf is higher than the closet, unfortunately, but I will smooth the difference with some plants. Today we bought some, but they are still small, will take some time to really create the effect I hope for.

And now I present to you the all new DOMBÅS!

As you may remember, I didn’t like the all-white IKEA closet, so I have decided to cover the doors with fabric. Let’s see the progress and the final result.

First – the original wardrobe, as presented by the IKEA:

the biggest one I found in the budget. I wanted to have one place to hold all my clothes, and believe me, I do have some… (well, will have when my shipping finally arrives!).

And now the progress:

I started with the bigger door wing. After a two-week long hiatus (travels, laziness…),  I moved to the two small doors:

The first door is up:

… and… drum roll please… taadam!

The fabric is a really beautiful grey, I can’t explain the way it’s weaved so I will rather show it:

The sides were covered with 1.5cm wide cotton ribbon, to hide the gluing/ends.

I am really pleased with the result. Attention to details isn’t really my strength, so projects like these are quite a challenge. But with patience, a lot of elbow grease (I think in this case it should be called “knee grease” as I spent hours kneeling to finish it!) and glue the result is quite fine, if I can say so myself :)

And next we will talk about the bed :)

Office Step One: DONE!

I haven’t planned on finishing everything at once, so it is not a surprise that I stopped working on the office and moved to the bedroom. But first I need to show you what it looks like now, while it waits for make up and dressing work.

The thing that really pulled it nice together was the carpeting. As long as you could still see the nasty, dirty and paint-covered floor, there was no feel of change in the air… Well, now it looks so much better:

It’s a simple carpeting, that I cut by myself to more-or-less fit the room. I couldn’t afford any nice floor board by the wall, so instead I cut the carpet an inch or so higher to cover up the nasty wall bottom. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s a tremendous improvement.

Next – the desk:

the table top is from IKEA, I painted it red. Unfortunately they make the tables a bit too well, and even with heavy sanding the paint didn’t want to adhere properly… it’s getting off already. I will have to do something about it… later. The chair, and all other stuff is IKEA as well. The best source of affordable and nice looking furniture in Poland. period. btw – this green monstrum you can see in the window is a church. yep. don’t even get me started on its bells… o_0

During the day, without the photo flash the colors aren’t as clashing and harsh. I think the red looks nice, even though being close to “too much”. I hope I didn’t overdo it.

Bookshelves! 4x Billy and we have a library. I am waiting for my 16+ boxes of books arriving soon, so I have to be prepared. I can’t make the exact built-in look, but I will try to make it as close as possible. For now – just fill it up with stuff from the other room, which will become my bedroom.

Originally the strong blue was supposed to be behind the shelving, so the contrast would have been much stronger. But I think even the white-gray coloring is nice, much more subtle.


And that’s it for now! We are moving to the next room for now, the cosmetic changes will come after the bedroom is usable. I am kind of tired of sleeping on the living room sofa…