The dresser is all done :)

I had a chance to buy door pulls the other day, so I could finally finish with the dresser. I must say they had very limited offer, but I hope the ones I found are ok. So, without farther ado, I give you the all new rast:

and just for a reminder, the original rast:



Now that’s a really great idea

I am searching for ideas to use for the two free walls in my bedroom, and one at the home office. And I think I found something to play with!

I found this on Apartment Therapy, or rather their sister-site, Unplggd. I think this is a very clever idea and I love the esthetics of it. Visual art inspired by music… what’s not to love?

I am seeing a variation of it, directly on the wall, in a shade up or down from the wall’s color. I love the effect of the first one, which would be difficult to replicate… I never do exactly the same thing, I love when I get an inspiration, when the wheels begin to work inside my mind.

New life for the rast chest.

Even though I am not done completely with the chest, the main part is done, so I decided to show the result already. I still need to find nice matching pulls, but it may take a while, so I dont’ want to wait till then. I will have a great excuse to make an update post :)

So, the orignal rast (probably the most hacked of IKEA furniture):

The process. I first chose stain named “palisander”, but I didn’t like the result, so did another layer in Graphite. First I thought that I wanted something more “natural”, but nah, nothing special.

In the end, the result:

I used the same fabric I used to cover the table top in home office. I really love it, threat shade of grays, subtle image.

And totally unrelated, but Taya looked so sweet when she kept me company:

The (mis-)adventures with the office table.

This was the office table after it was painted red from the original white:

To be honest, from the beginning I didn’t like the result all that much. There was just too much of this sharp red, and the whole room looked cheap and screaming because of it. But I was tired and didn’t feel like starting everything again…

I guess it’s good then that the paint was really bad, it didn’t want to attach properly to the surface (even after a lot of sanding) and was peeling the minute I put the table up. You can see what it looked liked now, after a few weeks of use:

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint it again, and was a bit scared of even trying. The only other solution was to cover it up. Even though I just finished (or maybe because of it?) covering closet doors with fabric, I thought to do the same with the table. Other ideas I had were laminate stickers (pricey), thin carpeting, oilcloth… But I think the fabric wins. I hope the maintenance issues won’t be too bad.

Well, below is the result. The shelf is only for fitting/planning purposes, it’s still in plastic. I want to stain it dark. I am really looking forward to my computer arriving, this huge screen takes half the space!

I think the result is great, and adds some nice elegance to the room. Another example of usefulness of mistakes/mishaps!

And now I present to you the all new DOMBÅS!

As you may remember, I didn’t like the all-white IKEA closet, so I have decided to cover the doors with fabric. Let’s see the progress and the final result.

First – the original wardrobe, as presented by the IKEA:

the biggest one I found in the budget. I wanted to have one place to hold all my clothes, and believe me, I do have some… (well, will have when my shipping finally arrives!).

And now the progress:

I started with the bigger door wing. After a two-week long hiatus (travels, laziness…),  I moved to the two small doors:

The first door is up:

… and… drum roll please… taadam!

The fabric is a really beautiful grey, I can’t explain the way it’s weaved so I will rather show it:

The sides were covered with 1.5cm wide cotton ribbon, to hide the gluing/ends.

I am really pleased with the result. Attention to details isn’t really my strength, so projects like these are quite a challenge. But with patience, a lot of elbow grease (I think in this case it should be called “knee grease” as I spent hours kneeling to finish it!) and glue the result is quite fine, if I can say so myself :)

And next we will talk about the bed :)

DIY lamp

As I wrote earlier on, I was planning on trying and saving the ugly old lamp I had in my office. It was an old paper lantern, and the plan was to use one of the ideas you can see online, like the one below (from design*sponge)



I am not sure if it was a good decision to make stripes shaped that way. I wanted to make something more fluffy and messy. Maybe I should have done similar to the original? Anyway, the result:

hmm…. of course the cord needs to be painted or something. I don’t know…

I am not happy with the result. It was cheap, and costed only the time… But I am pretty sure I will buy a real one the moment I save enough money.

Now that I am back from traveling and visiting friends and family, I am getting back to work. First: finishing the closet’s doors, then attaching a mirror to one of them. Next will be putting together bed… the mattress is already out, my Mom unpacked it and aired it out for the time I was away.

Which means… I will actually have a place to sleep soon! Out from the uncomfortable living room sofa!

In the land of concrete and heather

The walls are painted. I can’t even describe how relieved I am… I think the grey is a bit lighter than I planned, and the dark cherry/heather a bit too reddish… But overall I am happy with the result.

You can see how uneven the color was. I forgot that it had too much red, so it needed another coat (third). I had very little paint left, but it was just enough to even it out. Don’t worry, this lamp will go :)

The secret doors are still visible. So which one will it be? Hogsmeade? Narnia? Secret Garden? I hope Hogsmeade, seems like much more fun.  I left all the screws that were already in the walls. It’s hard to get anything into them, so I will try to use whatever there is. Some of them are in good location, actually.

Putting together IKEA closet, which must have the all time best name: DOMBAS. I am serious. So my dumbass closet needs more time as I am planning  on covering the doors with fabric. I have one doors covered, the other two will have to wait till I am back from visiting my brother and friends.

That’s the state of things for now. The closet is up, but waits for the doors. The walls and carpet are done. Next: putting together bed, bedside table and buying a lamp. After that: moving in and decorating!

Below you can see the one covered doors, I think the fabric is really beautiful. I wish the walls were more like this color.