My stuff is here!

Which is great, but it also means that I had to find some place for it :) I will show you in photos (of course) what the process has looked like:

my books are here! :)

As usual, I could count on Taya’s help :)

Third room under attack… I tried to unpack all the clothes in my bedroom, but it was impossible – two boxes went to the living room.

It started to look really scary at one point…

Placing books was quite a challenge… I kept running out of space for a particular subject and had to move the books to another shelf. Then I’ve noticed that the floor was so crooked, that the bookshelves were all leaning to the right! At one moment I thought they would just collapse! Just look here:

Scary! I actually put an old book (it was a really crappy one, but old made with wood-like hard cover) to put under the right wall. There is almost an inch of difference. I was placing only heavy books on left, otherwise they were leaning to the right again.

But, I have now a real library! It still needs warming up, and I have a lot of wall art, posters and other ideas to use, so it will only get better. But I like it already :)

Next, I need to switch computer screens (I am glad I found someone who wants the big, old one) and then get my own computer up and running. My bedroom also gets better, but I run out of hangers and space for my shirts! But I can already show you a sneak peak: my new bed cover: