The dresser is all done :)

I had a chance to buy door pulls the other day, so I could finally finish with the dresser. I must say they had very limited offer, but I hope the ones I found are ok. So, without farther ado, I give you the all new rast:

and just for a reminder, the original rast:



New life for the rast chest.

Even though I am not done completely with the chest, the main part is done, so I decided to show the result already. I still need to find nice matching pulls, but it may take a while, so I dont’ want to wait till then. I will have a great excuse to make an update post :)

So, the orignal rast (probably the most hacked of IKEA furniture):

The process. I first chose stain named “palisander”, but I didn’t like the result, so did another layer in Graphite. First I thought that I wanted something more “natural”, but nah, nothing special.

In the end, the result:

I used the same fabric I used to cover the table top in home office. I really love it, threat shade of grays, subtle image.

And totally unrelated, but Taya looked so sweet when she kept me company:

The (mis-)adventures with the office table.

This was the office table after it was painted red from the original white:

To be honest, from the beginning I didn’t like the result all that much. There was just too much of this sharp red, and the whole room looked cheap and screaming because of it. But I was tired and didn’t feel like starting everything again…

I guess it’s good then that the paint was really bad, it didn’t want to attach properly to the surface (even after a lot of sanding) and was peeling the minute I put the table up. You can see what it looked liked now, after a few weeks of use:

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint it again, and was a bit scared of even trying. The only other solution was to cover it up. Even though I just finished (or maybe because of it?) covering closet doors with fabric, I thought to do the same with the table. Other ideas I had were laminate stickers (pricey), thin carpeting, oilcloth… But I think the fabric wins. I hope the maintenance issues won’t be too bad.

Well, below is the result. The shelf is only for fitting/planning purposes, it’s still in plastic. I want to stain it dark. I am really looking forward to my computer arriving, this huge screen takes half the space!

I think the result is great, and adds some nice elegance to the room. Another example of usefulness of mistakes/mishaps!

And now I present to you the all new DOMBÅS!

As you may remember, I didn’t like the all-white IKEA closet, so I have decided to cover the doors with fabric. Let’s see the progress and the final result.

First – the original wardrobe, as presented by the IKEA:

the biggest one I found in the budget. I wanted to have one place to hold all my clothes, and believe me, I do have some… (well, will have when my shipping finally arrives!).

And now the progress:

I started with the bigger door wing. After a two-week long hiatus (travels, laziness…),  I moved to the two small doors:

The first door is up:

… and… drum roll please… taadam!

The fabric is a really beautiful grey, I can’t explain the way it’s weaved so I will rather show it:

The sides were covered with 1.5cm wide cotton ribbon, to hide the gluing/ends.

I am really pleased with the result. Attention to details isn’t really my strength, so projects like these are quite a challenge. But with patience, a lot of elbow grease (I think in this case it should be called “knee grease” as I spent hours kneeling to finish it!) and glue the result is quite fine, if I can say so myself :)

And next we will talk about the bed :)

Troubles from Above

As I already said, the ceiling proved to be difficult. I must say, that my passion and energy for painting walls somewhat diminished, and it’s hard to go full power anymore. Maybe if the walls were of better quality it would be easier… but when you work with such texture, it’s demoralizing. In order to cover all the cracks, holes and crannies I can use only brush, forget the roller. Over the past weeks I struggled with horrible pains in my hands (especially right one, as I am right-handed), forcing me even to take a few days off. I still have difficulties with using a knife or writing with a pen. Here you can see the texture. After brushing lightly you can see what the wall is like:

That’s why I had to go multiple times over each place, in various directions, lighter and harder, as different techniques worked for different kinds of obstacles. The final effect? I think it’s ok, but I am not trying to pretend it’s awesome and what not…

Getting back to ceiling – I chose for it not to be the battle worth fighting. I scrapped, sanded around, and painted. It’s far from professionally looking, but my arms could take only so much ;-) I just hope it’s not too sloppy and ugly-looking.



Bedroom step one: the beginning

Let’s first review what we are talking about here:

My big brother’s bedroom which became a kind of home office, ironning station, old discarded furniture wearhouse…

The plan is to make it into my new bedroom. I am glad that at least the ceiling is white. I don’t have high hopes for the walls and am not planning on repeating the same mistakes as with the previous room.

We got stuck with this desk. No idea what to do with it… It’s solid wood, old and heavy. It looks kind of cool, but I have no good way to use it. It’s way too big to transform it into a vanity, and in the office we have already a desk. So for now we are leaving it here to make the decision later.

Taya was extremely helpful during the clean up. NOT.

Now that’s a nice surprice. A real secret doors to another universe! How awesome is that? How many people have not only holes-covered ugly concrete walls, but also doors in their walls? At least tearing off wallpaper from it was a breeze.

This time I was better prepared for what I found under the wallpaper:


I think I did a pretty good job cleaning off the wall paper, don’t you think? Anyway – it’s ready for priming!

And here is what I managed to do with the horrible gaping holes:


I purposely tried not to make it too smooth, so it wouldn’t stand out too much next to the rough concrete. I know it’s far from perfect, but it’s ok by me.

And… a bummer at the end. I didn’t sand the ceiling, hopeing that just painting it would be enough. Not so :(

What a pain. Only around the window it started to peel off,  guess because this area was the most open to humidity and dirt. I must admit – I was too lazy and tired to sand the whole ceiling. I just sanded the problem parts and accepted it will suck. You got to pick your battles, right?

Conquering the epic cracks.

I think it sounds really coll to “conquer the cracks” :D

Anyway, I had the dillemma of what to do with the huge cracks and holes. I decided to leave the natural texture of concrete, even though it was very uneven and far from perfect. The texture changes and at some places looks more like a cave wall than a man-made wall. I guess it goes well with my paleo interests. I can feel more at home ;-)

But the problem of huge cracks was still to deal with. At some points it looked like they simply run out of wall ;-) the dividing wall simply didn’t reach the main wall at the meeting point… other places are probably result of poor material quality and mining activities. I tried to do my best with join compound and you can see the results here:



Somehow I didn’t take pictures of close ups of the problematic spots. I hope you can see here, that the worst was taken care of. You can see the doors and desk top being painted as well, together with the heater and window sill.

The walls are far from perfect… You can see not only the natural texture of the walls, but also some mishaps, too smooth surface of joint compound and some pieces left behind of wall paper. I really wish it could have been done better, but I am fine with the results for now, considering the quality of the walls.