There are limits to design.

I have seen this “cute” design on Apartment Therapy the other day. I am glad I am not the only who felt there is nothing “cute” about using someone’s heritage to create a cat’s shelter. And here is the offensive item:

And even if there are some Native Americans who have nothing against that particular kind of cultural appropriation, it doesn’t make it alright. Native American tradition in particular suffers from this kind of abuse. From “fashion” choices of using headpieces, to “Pocahontas” Halloween costumes. It’s as if the people don’t exist anymore, and their traditions, in very simplified, childish, flat versions. They throw away the spiritual meaning of the items and use it as selfish tools of “self-expression”.

I think it wouldn’t find as much acceptance if the for example the cat house was made of big teffilin box (the prayer box religious Jews put on during prayers), or in the shape of pope’s head-piece. But with Native Americans? Everything goes.

Look at my ideas! Do you think I can make some good money on those?



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