My new lovely bedroom

I know I still have a lot to do… but I already love it so much!

I think the backlit drill looks like a piece of art :)

You can see the very beginnings of the stand-up vanity. Also – new plants. Still pretty small, and some of them still need nice covers.

But I like it so much!


4 thoughts on “My new lovely bedroom

  1. Definitely getting cozy and comfortable. The backlit drill is interesting and says something about the occupant. How much longer until your stuff arrives?

    I had a post about the wardrobe and the how the fabric contrasts with the wall behind it, but wordpress ate it. How do you clean the fabric?

    • I think the stuff should arrive withing two weeks, I am collecting and sending papers now, the boxes are in warsaw already.
      I am not sure about the cleaning… I think I will gently vacuum it sometimes, but I hope to just not make it dirty accidently ;-)

      • Youre doing a great job!. I love that you reused the bookshelf. In a small room, the only way to go is up. (Or under the bed.) And if you need more storage space, the tops of the bookshelf and wardrobe can have baskets or attractive boxes, too.

      • Thanks! I plan on getting nice looking boxes to place on the closet. I also have already plastic under-bed containers from IKEA. The bed is big enough that you can’t even see them.

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