Finally: the bed.

I’ve been dreaming about a real iron bed for a while… sometimes I took breaks from this dream, but it always came back. Now – it’s here :) It hardly leaves any space in the room, but it’s ok, it’s worth it. I was afraid of choosing this size, but now I am glad I did take queen size. Let’s see:

Right after I put it together with the help of my Mom. Oh, the JOY! and more rejoicing :)

And now to some better looking photos ;-)

The lamp will be different, I just don’t have anything else at the moment. The bedside table is an old cabinet, which was part of pre-war sewing machine. My great-grand mother saved it from the war… I have very few items of that kind, so it is very precious to me. You can see it better here:

The rolling cover works perfectly well, I love the sound of it when it rolls down!

I need to take a few more photos that would show the whole bed. The room is so small that it’s not an easy task!

I also placed an old bookshelf next to the wardrobe. It’s not perfect, but I think it will be nice. I wanted to have a dedicated vanity table, even if small, but there is no way it would work. So I will do something different: a standing make up station :) I will get good lighting, nice boxes and containers and I think it will be perfect!

Here are the very beginnings of this idea:

The bookshelf is higher than the closet, unfortunately, but I will smooth the difference with some plants. Today we bought some, but they are still small, will take some time to really create the effect I hope for.


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