And now I present to you the all new DOMBÅS!

As you may remember, I didn’t like the all-white IKEA closet, so I have decided to cover the doors with fabric. Let’s see the progress and the final result.

First – the original wardrobe, as presented by the IKEA:

the biggest one I found in the budget. I wanted to have one place to hold all my clothes, and believe me, I do have some… (well, will have when my shipping finally arrives!).

And now the progress:

I started with the bigger door wing. After a two-week long hiatus (travels, laziness…),  I moved to the two small doors:

The first door is up:

… and… drum roll please… taadam!

The fabric is a really beautiful grey, I can’t explain the way it’s weaved so I will rather show it:

The sides were covered with 1.5cm wide cotton ribbon, to hide the gluing/ends.

I am really pleased with the result. Attention to details isn’t really my strength, so projects like these are quite a challenge. But with patience, a lot of elbow grease (I think in this case it should be called “knee grease” as I spent hours kneeling to finish it!) and glue the result is quite fine, if I can say so myself :)

And next we will talk about the bed :)


6 thoughts on “And now I present to you the all new DOMBÅS!

  1. Hey Joanna :)
    I got a question – did You glue all the surface of the door, or only the side of it? Did You glue it with PVA glues?
    I accidentally got into Your blog, while searching something of the IKEA-hacks, and I’ve read it all! :) currently I’m remodeling my parents flat, so I know what You are dealing with!
    Your blog have given me some strength to keep going! :)
    I wish You (me too ;) ) to finish Your flat-renovating-mission successfully and as soon as possible!

    • Hello! I glued only the sides, the rest is unattached. I used ordinary white glue which dries transparent. I have a bit of a break now, saving funds (and researching ideas) for the next big step :) Good luck with your project!

  2. Now that’s, what I was thinking about too – gluing only sides, as I thought gluing that all might result not so good look at the end :)
    I’ll have a look sometime on Your blog – looking for other clever ideas to use in my room ;)
    BTW thanks for soon reply :)
    Ciepłe pozdrowionka z Litwy ;)

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