Travel inspirations

During my recent travels I haven’t switched off my design sensitivity. In addition to decor conversations with my brother (I might be helping them with some touch ups) I have seen a lot of great design ideas. Wrocław is absolutely beautiful, it would be hard to describe it all in one post. I might return to it later. Instead I want to show you today what I found in Białystok. It might be that because of my current interest in lamps I paid attention to them in particular. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Beautiful, iron sconce next to a gallery and a restaurant. Considering the size of my room I probably would need something smaller, but even one like that would be awesome! What a statement it would make.

Absolutely gorgeous! If I wanted to use the original size (oversize) I would probably use it over the bed instead of the ceiling one, or next to bed instead of side table.

This one was placed very close to the other one, on the side of the same building. Same rough iron, with simple decoration.


An absolute perfection. I love the clean glass, simple iron. I think I love this one the most! I think the pair would work perfectly on a rough wall, instead of any top lighting. Maybe on the sides of a sofa, or framing a bed. I love them!

There is nothing ordinary about this street lamp. Again, simplicity, industrial vibe, respect for the historic district. Pure love!

We are leaving the outdoors. In one of the visited pubs/restaurants I found this lovely lamp:

This style is still on my list of desirable designs for bedroom lamps. It has the slight romantic touch without being over-girly. I like the simple arms of this lamp. It’s a pity I couldn’t find anything of that kind in my budget.

We are leaving Białystok and take a short stop in Warsaw. I had a few hours untill my next train so I went to the nearby “Złote Tarasy” (“Golden Terraces”) shopping mall (stunning design! I will show a picture at the end) for a coffee and something to eat. I really liked the industrial ceiling:

I am still toying with the idea of using real industrial lightning in my bedroom. If only it was easier to find some! I have only seen industrial-style kinds in high-end decor stores, far beyond my budget. *sigh*.

Personally, I would paint them black. I love the raw black iron esthetic more than aluminium. But I still like them :)

And now bonus: the gorgeous Złote Tarasy:

Gorgeous, isn’t it?


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