DIY lamp

As I wrote earlier on, I was planning on trying and saving the ugly old lamp I had in my office. It was an old paper lantern, and the plan was to use one of the ideas you can see online, like the one below (from design*sponge)



I am not sure if it was a good decision to make stripes shaped that way. I wanted to make something more fluffy and messy. Maybe I should have done similar to the original? Anyway, the result:

hmm…. of course the cord needs to be painted or something. I don’t know…

I am not happy with the result. It was cheap, and costed only the time… But I am pretty sure I will buy a real one the moment I save enough money.

Now that I am back from traveling and visiting friends and family, I am getting back to work. First: finishing the closet’s doors, then attaching a mirror to one of them. Next will be putting together bed… the mattress is already out, my Mom unpacked it and aired it out for the time I was away.

Which means… I will actually have a place to sleep soon! Out from the uncomfortable living room sofa!


2 thoughts on “DIY lamp

  1. Interesting effect. Are you sure it’s not a fire hazard? Yay for getting the bed up!
    Hello to your mom from me. *waves*

    • the paper is on the outside, so there is no change to the fire hazard of the lamp. I hope the bed will be up tomorrow evening or Friday am. My Mom says “hello” back to you :)

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