In the land of concrete and heather

The walls are painted. I can’t even describe how relieved I am… I think the grey is a bit lighter than I planned, and the dark cherry/heather a bit too reddish… But overall I am happy with the result.

You can see how uneven the color was. I forgot that it had too much red, so it needed another coat (third). I had very little paint left, but it was just enough to even it out. Don’t worry, this lamp will go :)

The secret doors are still visible. So which one will it be? Hogsmeade? Narnia? Secret Garden? I hope Hogsmeade, seems like much more fun.  I left all the screws that were already in the walls. It’s hard to get anything into them, so I will try to use whatever there is. Some of them are in good location, actually.

Putting together IKEA closet, which must have the all time best name: DOMBAS. I am serious. So my dumbass closet needs more time as I am planning  on covering the doors with fabric. I have one doors covered, the other two will have to wait till I am back from visiting my brother and friends.

That’s the state of things for now. The closet is up, but waits for the doors. The walls and carpet are done. Next: putting together bed, bedside table and buying a lamp. After that: moving in and decorating!

Below you can see the one covered doors, I think the fabric is really beautiful. I wish the walls were more like this color.


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