Troubles from Above

As I already said, the ceiling proved to be difficult. I must say, that my passion and energy for painting walls somewhat diminished, and it’s hard to go full power anymore. Maybe if the walls were of better quality it would be easier… but when you work with such texture, it’s demoralizing. In order to cover all the cracks, holes and crannies I can use only brush, forget the roller. Over the past weeks I struggled with horrible pains in my hands (especially right one, as I am right-handed), forcing me even to take a few days off. I still have difficulties with using a knife or writing with a pen. Here you can see the texture. After brushing lightly you can see what the wall is like:

That’s why I had to go multiple times over each place, in various directions, lighter and harder, as different techniques worked for different kinds of obstacles. The final effect? I think it’s ok, but I am not trying to pretend it’s awesome and what not…

Getting back to ceiling – I chose for it not to be the battle worth fighting. I scrapped, sanded around, and painted. It’s far from professionally looking, but my arms could take only so much ;-) I just hope it’s not too sloppy and ugly-looking.




2 thoughts on “Troubles from Above

  1. Huge difference and you wont have paint flaking off. Maybe eventually, you can cover the spots with puzzl pieces. :)

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