Paint, chemicals and migrains. And the crucial help of our pets.

When I was a kid we were using oil-based paints, but that is quite the past. I am guessing only professionals are still using ones. I have been only using water-based, which are just so practical. They are supposed to be low-odor and are not supposed to cause any headaches or other problems…

Unfortunately I must be extra sensitive, because for the past three weeks I have been having horrible headaches. I am quite sure they are migraines triggered by some chemicals. Or the combination of various components… I wasn’t sure it was the paint till I started the bedroom after some days of a break. They headaches came back with full power. I am really looking forward to finish all the work, as it is really difficult. I am pretty sure that the smell of new carpeting and furniture does not help with the recovery.

I am going tomorrow to visit my brother and then a friend. I hope that means the end of the migraines. I asked my Mom to keep the windows open non stop.

I am really wondering if it is my personal sensitivity or if the paint company I am using the most has heightened levels of toxic substances.

In other news – I started covering closet doors with fabric. I am not great with such detailed work, but I am trying my best. Taya (our puppy) was really helping much, though.

The moment she saw fabric on the floor, she went crazy:

To a puppy life is a playground. And every piece of fabric, a screw, open box or wooden bolt is a toy created just for her. If she wasn’t so cute… ;-)


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