More light!

I’ve been thinking about the appropriate lighting for both rooms for ages already. Low budget aside, I just can’t seem to make my mind. The general idea is more or less clear: something modern for the office, and a more traditional, black, iron candelabrum for the bedroom.

But at the same time I was thinking about placing something different to the office, not the typical set… But would it fit? I have seen many photos where fancy lamp added a great vibe to otherwise stern or lacking in surprises office. So from the more office-y lamps I like some of these (all photos are from Polish online auctions, and I believe are by Polish producers):

Really dont’ know what I think about that one. Simple, but I am not sure if it’s fine with the space.

Now this one is really cool. It’s called “robot” and I think it matches perfectly! I like the industrial feel, and the lamps have some photography mood to themselves as well. I am not sure about the installation here… it looks like it’s the style that goes inside, that it needs a hole, which would make it impossible for my place :-/

Then there are the non-office styles, like that one:

This one I am actually planning for the bedroom. what about placing this kind of classic lamps in non-classic places? Hmmmm….


Then there are also the wide, but flat lamps, often used in bathrooms, which might be interesting to use in an office. This one is a more elegant version of that style:

I think it’s quite nice for the general lighting. I am afraid to hang something too small, to emphasize the tiny size of the room. I feel that a bigger lamp would really add to the room.


With the bedroom the choice is kind of easier. I wanted black iron to match the bed, I wanted the classic style without being too “romantic” or “fluffy”, so clean lines and no extra swirls or additions. The limit was mostly my budget, as to how many arms in the lamps I could afford. I found something like that (same line as the one above):

This one is called “surmia” and I like the very simple, clean lines. I am not sure about the bulbs thought, as I would like to get the energy-saving types. Do they make them in fancy flame shapes? I am afraid the common twisted shape would be a huge blow to it.

The above lamp is “Neptun”. It’s also pretty simple. The color is not perfect and I am not sure how I feel about the “plates” under each lamp… But it’s cheaper than the other one, so I am also checking it out.

I am almost convinced I should get the surmia, though, with max arms I can afford.

Coming back to the office… Yesterday I started to think about another option. At the moment that’s what I have:

I can’t believe that was the only photo I found with somewhat visible lamp. Anyway, you can see that it’s the typical paper ball. Rather small… dirty, old, covered with paint splashes and what not. I have seen many awesome DIY project of making this kind of balls into featherly awesomeness, like that one on Design*Sponge:

I couldn’t find gray craft paper, so I will try with white packing paper ;-) I will see, I can’t make it worse, right? And who knows, I might avoid the dilemma of buying a new one! I will be working on it today, right after I finish putting together dombas closet and… bed! yes, I am done with painting and carpeting in the bedroom, I will update when I can download photos :)




2 thoughts on “More light!

  1. Also remember to take into consideration the price of the lightbulbs that you will have to purchase. Ben ran into the problem recently — the light fixture was a very reasonable price, but we can’t afford to replace the specialized bulbs!

    • yes, I know. I am looking only for the ones with regular kind. That’s why I want to think twice before I buy the flame-like. They probably aren’t expensive to buy, but I don’t think they are eco/energy saving.

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