Office Step One: DONE!

I haven’t planned on finishing everything at once, so it is not a surprise that I stopped working on the office and moved to the bedroom. But first I need to show you what it looks like now, while it waits for make up and dressing work.

The thing that really pulled it nice together was the carpeting. As long as you could still see the nasty, dirty and paint-covered floor, there was no feel of change in the air… Well, now it looks so much better:

It’s a simple carpeting, that I cut by myself to more-or-less fit the room. I couldn’t afford any nice floor board by the wall, so instead I cut the carpet an inch or so higher to cover up the nasty wall bottom. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s a tremendous improvement.

Next – the desk:

the table top is from IKEA, I painted it red. Unfortunately they make the tables a bit too well, and even with heavy sanding the paint didn’t want to adhere properly… it’s getting off already. I will have to do something about it… later. The chair, and all other stuff is IKEA as well. The best source of affordable and nice looking furniture in Poland. period. btw – this green monstrum you can see in the window is a church. yep. don’t even get me started on its bells… o_0

During the day, without the photo flash the colors aren’t as clashing and harsh. I think the red looks nice, even though being close to “too much”. I hope I didn’t overdo it.

Bookshelves! 4x Billy and we have a library. I am waiting for my 16+ boxes of books arriving soon, so I have to be prepared. I can’t make the exact built-in look, but I will try to make it as close as possible. For now – just fill it up with stuff from the other room, which will become my bedroom.

Originally the strong blue was supposed to be behind the shelving, so the contrast would have been much stronger. But I think even the white-gray coloring is nice, much more subtle.


And that’s it for now! We are moving to the next room for now, the cosmetic changes will come after the bedroom is usable. I am kind of tired of sleeping on the living room sofa…


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