Bedroom step one: the beginning

Let’s first review what we are talking about here:

My big brother’s bedroom which became a kind of home office, ironning station, old discarded furniture wearhouse…

The plan is to make it into my new bedroom. I am glad that at least the ceiling is white. I don’t have high hopes for the walls and am not planning on repeating the same mistakes as with the previous room.

We got stuck with this desk. No idea what to do with it… It’s solid wood, old and heavy. It looks kind of cool, but I have no good way to use it. It’s way too big to transform it into a vanity, and in the office we have already a desk. So for now we are leaving it here to make the decision later.

Taya was extremely helpful during the clean up. NOT.

Now that’s a nice surprice. A real secret doors to another universe! How awesome is that? How many people have not only holes-covered ugly concrete walls, but also doors in their walls? At least tearing off wallpaper from it was a breeze.

This time I was better prepared for what I found under the wallpaper:


I think I did a pretty good job cleaning off the wall paper, don’t you think? Anyway – it’s ready for priming!

And here is what I managed to do with the horrible gaping holes:


I purposely tried not to make it too smooth, so it wouldn’t stand out too much next to the rough concrete. I know it’s far from perfect, but it’s ok by me.

And… a bummer at the end. I didn’t sand the ceiling, hopeing that just painting it would be enough. Not so :(

What a pain. Only around the window it started to peel off,  guess because this area was the most open to humidity and dirt. I must admit – I was too lazy and tired to sand the whole ceiling. I just sanded the problem parts and accepted it will suck. You got to pick your battles, right?


2 thoughts on “Bedroom step one: the beginning

    • I don’t know if you can do something unless you try :) You think people are born with the ability to hold brush in their hands? Try yourself and you might be surprised! :)

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