Let’s Begin! After trashing all the furniture it’s time for the walls!

Getting rid of stuff wasn’t actually that difficult, there was no hope for anything, and we got help. So very fast I had all the surfaces just to myself.

My hopes were to tear down the wall paper, cover up basic cracks etc. and paint smoothly and nicely everything. done.

The reality wasn’t that great, unfortunately. Coming back from the US, I was used to a very different kind of wall surface, and the surprise was not pleasant.

That’s what I found:

Multiple layers of old wallpapers… and the walls I was discovering under them was not fun.

Huh? What is that supposed to be? Vertical gravel or a wall?



It looks more like modern art than a wall… I actually thought that I would be able to skim this with joint compound and smooth it with sander to make it all good … NOPE. had to tear it all down to the concrete anyway.

oh, the joys of new toys! :D


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