Conquering the epic cracks.

I think it sounds really coll to “conquer the cracks” :D

Anyway, I had the dillemma of what to do with the huge cracks and holes. I decided to leave the natural texture of concrete, even though it was very uneven and far from perfect. The texture changes and at some places looks more like a cave wall than a man-made wall. I guess it goes well with my paleo interests. I can feel more at home ;-)

But the problem of huge cracks was still to deal with. At some points it looked like they simply run out of wall ;-) the dividing wall simply didn’t reach the main wall at the meeting point… other places are probably result of poor material quality and mining activities. I tried to do my best with join compound and you can see the results here:



Somehow I didn’t take pictures of close ups of the problematic spots. I hope you can see here, that the worst was taken care of. You can see the doors and desk top being painted as well, together with the heater and window sill.

The walls are far from perfect… You can see not only the natural texture of the walls, but also some mishaps, too smooth surface of joint compound and some pieces left behind of wall paper. I really wish it could have been done better, but I am fine with the results for now, considering the quality of the walls.


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