My old bedroom

Where to begin… So many memories! It’s a pity I can’t find any photos from the time it was inhabited by me. Till I was in high school it was pretty boring, I can’t even remember it. But let’s see what I remember from the time of high school…

  • I made a faux NY-sky line. If I remember correctly, I outlined it with pieces of paper and pins, with tiny rectangulars for random windows. The color came with black spray paint. But can’t remember the details… I only remember it was awesome :)
  • Then I got bored with the walls and decided to paint the existing wall paper (or rather wall papers, as it was just papered one layer over an old one). At the time there were no options for pre-made color paints or mixing services. I had to buy regular white paint and pigments. I chose blue and black to achieve, what I hoped to be, a dark royal blue/navy. It was dark, that’s for sure… But rather dirty navy/? I can’t even describe it. The paint was complete flat matt, so the dirty impression was only deepened by it. Also, walls wouldn’t be enough so I painted the ceiling as well.
  • Even then I knew about the accent wall – I chose one wall and left it without the paint. Instead I covered it randomly with newspapers, glued with the paint… The newspaper went yellowish pretty fast.
  • I also had huge branches in one upper corner, painted closet with DIY desk made of plumbing pipes (it still exists!), clothes rack made with my Mom’s crutch hold over a chair and window sill, memorable quotations written on the wall… what else? what wasn’t there? :D
So that’s my addition. After I left home my Mom was either not using the room or renting it out. The last tenant was friends’ daughter, a teenager, and for whatever reason they didn’t like the dirty navy room ;-) so they painted it … orange and yucky violet. one layer, over dirty navy. I am pretty sure they didn’t even turn the lights on when they were painting it…
You think it’s enough? Nope. We are living over five coal mines. Well, not at once, but the town lies over five of them. Which means addition of the minning damages like cracks in walls. And that’s not enough. We need to remember the building was built in the early ’70s during mass production of “bedrooms” for coal miners. Fast, cheap and by quantity, not quality. We call them the “great concrete slabs” buildings… You will see many examples of the quality of their work.
So now – photos. And if I ever find the old photos to scan, I will.
 Did I mentioned that I painted the doors as well? At least they were semi-gloss, so looking a bit better.
This closet had a addition on top, which you will see soon. The branch might still be one of the tree old ones!  The carpet was one that our neighbors wanted to throw away. Random doesn’t cover it.
I can’t believe the color… I love purple, but this shade? It’s horrible.
You can see teh pieces of newspapers and navy paint “glue” that was holding them. Do you see the perfect line between colors? and the ceiling? GUH.
It’s like a designing horror… They even painted the window sill, which was a really bad idea. Oh, and yeah, that’s a huge crack in the wall and an antenna cord was lead through it… how practical!
This hole? My father’s attempt to hang a sconce on the other side ;-) Some 20 years ago…
Oh, the beauty of a peachy orange nightmare! How can anyone do it out of own will without a gun being hold to one’s head?
My old “beautified” closet! I guess I could call it a desk or something. It was pieced together from random pieces… Can you spot the plumbing pipes? And the doors on the bottom are done in a similar way to my “accent wall”. I guess it was before I’ve learned about the proper way of decoupage…
Stay tuned! In the next post I will write about the process of tearing down the 30+ years of design abuse ;-)

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